I finished the Hyannis Marathon


Monthly Marathon for February done! Initial thoughts:

  • Awesome little race & town (Hyannis/Cape Cod)
  • Very scenic course along the beach
  • Mostly flat
  • Nice medal
  • Ate yummy chowder every day (you can find chowder and cod everywhere)
  • Keltic Kitchen has amazing french toast (I'm not even a huge french toast fan) 
  • People are really nice 

Full race report to come. 

Monthly Marathon Report: I ran the Arena Attack Indoor Marathon

In 2017, I'm running 1 marathon each month. 

My January run is one of the craziest races I've ever done: The Arena Attack Indoor Marathon at UMass Mullins Center in Amherst, MA.  It's a difficult race. I recommend it if you are looking for an unusual challenge and can in circles for hours without losing your mind.

  • The race is entirely indoors, run counter-clockwise for 133 laps! 
  • Each lap is about 317 meters
  • The race is organized by the Southern New England Athletic Association.
  • Find about them and put this race on your  calendar for next year: http://www.sneaa.org/arena-attack-race-series/

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Race report: 2016 Donut Derby

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On Sept 5, 2016, I won the Donut Derby in Lehigh, PA bicycle race for the 2nd time, a 36 mile ride with 2 donut stops where competitors eat donuts for time credits.

In this race, each donut eaten gives you 3 min credit. I ate 55, a new course record, for a 'donut adjusted time' of -10 minutes.



Day 10 progress: Growing broccoli microgreens

Demo of the LED grow lamps. I run these for a few hours a day to supplement the day light the plants get.

I've started growing more types of microgreens indoors in our NYC home because we want to grow more of our own food. It's healthier, cheaper, and easy. All you need:

  • Inexpensive grow trays
  • Grow medium (I prefer soil free)
  • Good organic seeds from a reputable source
  • Water
  • Light (window most of the year, and for the winter I have grow lights)
  • 10-14 days of care