Speed eating

The Pi Day Challenge

3/14 is Pi day & Einstein's birthday, so I celebrated by running around in a circle, eating a pie, dressed as Einstein.

My gear in this video:

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I just defended my championship title at the 28th annual Tour De Donut

Yesterday I defended my championship title at the 28th annual Tour de Donut. There were some new guys that put up 19-20 doughnuts and rode at a decent pace. The women's champion, Katherine, is pregnant and downed half a dozen doughnuts!


Full results are here: https://www.racesonline.com/events/tour-de-donut/results/2016/awards

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I just won the 'Donut King' title at the San Luis Obispo Tour de Donut and it was epic!

Jake Pickett on right (Overall Champ) and me (Donut King)

Jake Pickett on right (Overall Champ) and me (Donut King)

The San Luis Obispo Tour de Donut is an amazing race. Definitely the most difficult of all the Tour de Donuts. This 2 stage race is really unique. In Stage 1, the whole pack of cyclists ride 15 miles together, making 3 stops to eat donuts for time credits. The time credit given per donut eaten is only 15 seconds (vs 3 or 5 min for other Tour de Donuts). Then Stage 2 is a time trial up Perfumo Canyon Road. It's a very steep (6% avg grade) 3 mile climb.

I won the "Donut King" title for most donuts consumed (22) and Jake Pickett won the Overall title by making it to the top of the road first. He's a beast! This race will test you to the limits and the folks who put it on are really into it.  Check out slotourdedonut.com for more info!

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Just released: my 2016 competition calendar!

I'm really excited to start the 2016 season! I've posted confirmed competition dates to my calendar, and will be adding more as I book them.

This year includes lots of Tour de Donuts in the US where I'll be defending my titles, ultra-distance bicycle races, marathons, eating contests, and an Ironman.

My big goal this year is to qualify for 3200 mile Race Across America (RAAM) bicycle race in 2017 as a solo rider. I'll do that by completing the 400 mile RAAM Texas Challenge in March and the 860 mile Race Across the West (RAW) in June.

I hope to see you out there on the courses this season!

Here are my next five events

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